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Jewish Argentinean musicians Cesar Learner and Marcello Moguilevsky in concert


The Lerner & Moguilevsky


November 27 - December 2, 2023


Libertad (Liberty) is a major street in the Jewish Quarter of Buenos Aires that was home to waves of Jewish immigrants escaping the discrimination they faced across Europe This residency is a celebration of liberty artists can call on to share their pasts and help us shape our future.

A street sign from Buenos Aires.

The Artists

For over 40 years, Cesar Lerner and Marcello Moguilevsky have been creating their unique musical fusion of klezmer, tango, jazz, and South American folk music.

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Schedule of Events

From concerts to workshops, elementary schools to college, this residency provides multiple opportunities to enjoy and engage with Cesar and Marcello.

Who Makes This Possible

This residency can only be offered because of the support of a wide range of community groups and funders. 

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Join in this 4-day celebration of music's ability to bring people and traditions together 

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